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Hotel Rules

1The Central Park Hotel offers 98 rooms equipped with air conditioning (check availability), cable TV, ceiling fan, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, plus a delicious breakfast served at the hotel's cafeteria.
It also has a pool, sauna and fitness room.

2During check-out, the guest must return the key of the apartment.

3It is forbidden to go outside the Hotel carrying any of the apartment objects (pillows, chairs, utensils, etc.)

4The guest is responsible for the compensation of damage caused to furniture and house utensils in accordance with the table of values of Hotel Central Park.

5Law of Silence must be respected between 10pm and 7am.

6Only the guest and their dependents may remain inside the hotel / apartment. The entry of others can only occur with permission, otherwise it will be charged.

7The hotel is not responsible for personal items or valuables kept in the apartments, or inside vehicles.

8It is not allowed to enter the pool with tanning oil or sunscreen. Please use the shower before.

9The remaining amount of the stay must be paid at check-in.

10It is expressly prohibited to keep the card on saving when the guest leaves the apartment.

11Animals are not allowed.

12The Hotel is not responsible for left or forgotten clothes and objects in the apartment.

13The guest and their dependents who proceed in a disrespectful or inconvenient way to employees or any provisions of this Regulation will be asked to leave the hotel.

14It is forbidden to connect loud sound inside the apartment.

Central Park Hotel

Contact Info

Avenida 1 nº 1030

Rio Claro-SP - Brasil

P: +55 (19) 3522-4224

@: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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