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Reservation Policy

1Effective reservation requires the payment of 50% of the total stay or and payment must be made within 12 hours after the pre-booking. The remaining amount of 50% must be paid at check-in. Without the total payment the result is the CANCELLATION of pre-booking, regardless of communication.

2After confirming the payment it is necessary to send the payment receipt by email or fax, with the proper identification of the guest.

3If reservations are not made up to 48 hours before entering the requested accommodation, NO payment will be accepted made through bank envelope. In this case, if the payment is not effected until the time of the check-in, the full stay will be charged at the check-in, to be returned if previous payment is confirmed by bank.

4Changes concerning reservation shall be allowed only after previous consultation of availability, convenience and pricing.

5In the event of any loss, damage or broken, the guest will be charged.

6With the effective reservation after the confirmation of the payment, the guest declares to be aware of and to accept all terms set forth in this Reservation Policy.

The Apart Hotel

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Avenida Francisco Pereira Lopes, 2600

São Carlos-SP - Brasil

P: +55 (16) 3361-5211

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